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What others say about me

I am very grateful for these kind words and hopefully it gives you an impression of my drive, qualities and way of working.


Nico Koomen
Programme Director

"Thanks to you we have a lively community, vital for our students, and motivating for us all. Years ago you started this concept of building a community, and sometimes you had to fight. Mostly within the faculty or even the entire university. Not many people at our university really understood what this what about, people where sometimes even trying to block you. But you kept on going, willing to accept setbacks and sometimes even failures. The business school is just a minor part of the whole university. But thanks to people like you, it’s now the best part."


Matthijs Keij

"Niek has succesfully managed expansion of the Withlocals supply (Portfolio and Hosts) in Eastern Europe for Withlocals. After conducting thorough market research and setting very clear and ambitious goals, he managed to recruit double the hosts we aimed for, added 9 capital cities to our supply and co-created the tours in close collaboration with our staff."

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Herm-Jan Klein Velderman

"Together with Niek, we have successfully developed the corporate identity and website for the HAN International School of Business. Niek gets things done and has an inexhaustible commitment and passion for his profession."

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