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Expansion Manager

June 2022 (start): (part-time). Managing expansion of the Withlocals supply (Portfolio and Hosts) in the Balkans. Withlocals is a marketplace that facilitates the connection between travellers and local hosts all around the world.


Executed high-level market research, demand exploration, pricing, competition analysis, recruitment, onboarding. 

Sep 2022: Withlocals is now available in 9 new cities: Kotor, Skopje, Tirana, Belgrade, Sofia, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana & Bucharest.


Current role: Community Management.


Marketing Manager

Launched an omnichannel campaign throughout The Netherlands. Included; national radio commercials, on- and offline events, highway/downtown billboards, print and online ads.


Brand Strategist & Community Manager

Founder of the HAN International School of Business Community: The ISB Community is founded to create and facilitate a very strong network which consists of: 1500 (exchange) students, 100+ companies, 80 lecturers, alumni, staff, management & 100+ partner universities. 

ISB Community focuses on:

  • personal and professional development

  • addressing global (business) issues

  • managing our international business

  • putting the business school on the global Higher Education map

Take a look: HAN ISB on Instagram



Teaching the Digital Marketing and Personal & Professional Development modules as part of the international bachelor program Communication Studies. 

Giving a variety of workshops to our students as part of their curriculum. 

The perfect way to take the stage as a speaker in front of the most challenging crowd you can get; a multicultural group of young and bright minds from over 70 countries!


Bukovac (Novi Sad) Serbia

Acquired real estate

After 7 years of perseverance and the unconditional support of true friends/family who believed in us, our dream to buy a house close to Novi Sad became a reality in 2022. Our cosy house/office is located in Bukovac, and our 1104 m2 plot is part of the National Park Fruška Gora! 




"Веома сам поносан!" - Никола Хесовић

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