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Niek van Hees



Enthusiastic, autonomous & result-driven

business & community developer
#openminded #growthmindset #international

I have been professionally active in marketing, business development and community management, both in the Netherlands and in a fully international setting, since 2000. An autonomous role in which I involve and enthuse all stakeholders suits me best. Together we will create a tailor-made plan (SMART) to enter new markets or reach the right partners and/or customers. I won't hesitate to advise you on what not to do ;) Feel free to contact me for more information about my vision and approach.

Qualities & Skills

  • Reliable and honest

  • Business-to-Business communication

  • High Level market research

  • Intercultural awareness

  • Accurately representing your organization

  • Prioritisation of opportunities with high potential

  • Negotiating contracts, terms and conditions

  • Analytical, decisive and entrepreneurial

Job type: hybrid, contract/service agreement

Experience: mid-level management

Preferred type of organisation: purpose-driven and aiming to create benefit for all stakeholders (3P's)

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Networking... second nature to me. I love reaching out to new people and I will always strive to find the common opportunities that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Photo: taken during a business-meeting with Maya in Skopje, North-Macedonia. We met at a very local establishment (I always ask the local to pick a spot, and I will go there by bike).

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